The Garden

Discover the museum's garden, a real gem tucked away in the centre of Wimborne Minster.

The walled garden, with its central path leading from the back door to the mill stream, is 100 metres long.

It is sheltered by brick walls which mark ancient property boundaries and a medieval burgage plot. Photographs show that the central path has been a feature of the garden since at least the Victorian period. Old varieties of apple and pear trees line the path on either side further down.

The present layout of beds and lawns was developed largely by the Coles family, ironmongers who lived and worked here from 1872, earlier in the 20th century.

It would be expected that John Bowdidge would have had a private recreational area in the 17th century.

An 18th century map shows that the east part of the garden was an orchard. The garden was probably used for domestic and trade functions during the period that the house was subdivided, though the King family, wool and silk merchants who lived here in the 18th century, would have returned the garden to its more tranquil nature.

Walled garden